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Phil Lesh and Friends Live at This Tent on 2008-06-15

Disc 1
1. crowd/tuning
2. Friend Of The Devil
3. Deal
4. Gone Wandering
5. Deep Ellem Blues
6. Driftin’ Too Far From The Shore
7. instrumental
8. Cry Yourself Dry
9. Running Wild
10. Sing Me Back Home

Disc 2
1. Till The Morning Comes
2. Lorena
3. Peggy-O
4. Tell Me Mama
5. Ripple
6. Brokedown Palace
7. donor
8. Dire Wolf

Phil Lesh
Larry Campbell
Jackie Greene
Theresa Williams

Collection PhilLeshandFriends
Band/Artist Phil Lesh and Friends
Venue This Tent
Location Bonnaroo , TN

Source Milab VM-44 Link -> Lunatec V2 -> Korg MR-1000 (1bit/2.8MHz DSD)
Lineage Korg MR-1000 -> AudioGate (16/44) -> CD Wave -> FLAC


Reviewer: harryfromjrz - - August 18, 2008
Subject: Thanks to everyone that helped get this show in my hand!
After A Great Saturday Night Jam With balls to the walls I was Ready For A Sunday Afternoon with Acoustics and 3 and 4 part harmonies All The Girls the've had in the bands since Jerry have really helped the harmonies and these people that just wanna hear the same things by the same people just don't get it.See you'll at Nokia Theater.
Reviewer: willcate - - June 28, 2008
Subject: Was up-close for this show
I was right up on the front row for this set, Sunday @ 'roo 2008. It was a wonderful, magical experience. Ripple and Brokedown back-to-back? Come on, how long has it been since that's ever happened? Five stars.
Reviewer: GianniMusso - - June 21, 2008
Subject: Sweetness!!!
This show is fantastic, Warm, soulful and rootsy, of course. Sound quality is four stars, vocals are too waek for me, but the music is incredible. Thanks Phil for your effort. Enjoy it and start the download!!!
Reviewer: happy420 - - June 20, 2008
Subject: UKDEADHEADKUWAIT = World Class Chump
Sounds like he's just bitter because he's stuck in Kuwait, far away from such wonderful happenings as this.

TOP NOTCH RECORDING! AAA+ Performance, and yes, Teresa Williams sounds fantastic in the mix (check her out on the American Beauty night of the recent Warfield run). I saw it in person and the Attics was haunting.

Good Times. Thanks Phil!
Reviewer: skullsnroses - - June 20, 2008
Subject: Russian Lullaby
Well, I think Phil and Friends is really hitting something special here. The tubular sound of Phil and Friends breaks a little more ground. He has done some really good work with the love song and the women (LOVE joan osbourne) singing with him bring it right into focus. I can't help but feel that gone wandering is a perfect ode to Jerry. Not Dead, but not the same!
Reviewer: pinecone - - June 20, 2008
Subject: Damn Good
This show is a gem,why do people protest when someone sit-in with the band. These are people that get pissed when their toast is too well done or they get put on hold for twenty seconds. Get over it. TW has a wonderful voice and the band is right on. The song selection is what makesit work. Thanks.
Reviewer: lydd - - June 20, 2008
Subject: lovelight
i don't why there always have to be haters~~~
i thought be heddy included being friendly~~~
if i'm not mistaken: at one time dear mr. kesey played a ratchet for the dead.....hmmmm...are ratchets mr. kesey's case i would say most definitely~~~
great show~~~
thanks for sharing~~~
sincerely grateful
Reviewer: sjmace - - June 19, 2008
Subject: :)
Thank you so much for this recording!

Someone apparently doesnt know much Grateful Dead history ( you know that band Phil use to be in? the so called creators of the "jamband") either. The Dead and Jerry Garcia (another guy that was in The Grateful Dead) played many a wonderful acoustic set/songs!! Many of which were played here. Theresa Williams sounds great, I love her on Driftin’ Too Far From The Shore :)

Love the acoustic sets Phil give us more!!!!
Let the haters go to a biscuits show ;)
Reviewer: spinyn - - June 19, 2008
Subject: Lovely set
Obviously you werent' there, dude. Theresa Williams played guitar and sang beautifully and added a lot. e This was not a "jam band" situation, more like friend sitting around on the back porch singing old country songs.

Larry had a busy weekend, playing with Levon Helm as did Theresa (my favorite set of the weekend), and both sets with Phil. He did an outstanding job throughout.

And Jackie Greene's roots are in acoustic music so he shines in this format.

Phil wasn't playing a string bass but a beautiful new wooden acoustic/electric 5 string.
Here's a link to a picture of it on Phil's site:

Thanks for this. Very nice to have...
Reviewer: Jinglebell Rainbow - - June 19, 2008
Subject: Sweet Bass
Phil Bass sounds really good on this recording, the best and most clear I have heard from all the acoustic shows with Phil playing the upright Bass.
Reviewer: chambeal - - June 19, 2008
Subject: Thank you Mr. Taper
I really appreciate your work. This was a great show. Easy on TW, she's great. We got our phill of Phil electric the previous night. This was a cool, mellow change of pace. The whole band was awesome. Great Sunday show! Peggy-O was my highlight.
Reviewer: CLaPorte - - June 19, 2008
Subject: sounds great
Theresa Williams has the voice of an Angel.
I would like to see Phil do acoustic first set, Electric second set. get the best of both worlds.
Reviewer: UKDEADHEADKUWAIT - - June 19, 2008
Dear Theresa,
Your work with Phil and Friends doesnt work
Even worse than Joan Osbourne which is saying something.

Phil and Friends are a JAM band. That means PLAY SOME INSTRUMENTS and I dont mean comb and paper, tambourine, Kazoo, Shaker or Glockenspiel
Reviewer: MadeInJapan - - June 19, 2008
Subject: Nice for an audience recording!
Thanks for this...I saw the show down at the Which stage but missed this one. I have 100 minutes of the which show I taped (only analog Sony D-3 equipment but sounds nice!) I can convert to digital but I'm sure someone has a better copy and will up load soon with the entire show (saw several mics). This one sounds really nice for an audience recording...well worth grabbing!
Reviewer: badnem - - June 18, 2008
Subject: warm like a womb
thank you very very much.
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Matthew Vernon
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